Wide Range of Applications

Using NeuraMetrix TC, patients and their caregivers, physicians and researchers will have access to quantitative measurement tools via desktop and handheld dashboards or web portals. They will have the ability to see the effect of changes in medications as well as the impact of other factors (nutrition, exercise, sleep, etc.) on brain health.

Drug companies can use NeuraMetrix to establish and measure end points for clinical trials. This will allow them to identify successful (and unsuccessful) trials much earlier than previously possible. Using NeuraMetrix TC, researchers have direct access to quantitative measurement brain health data tools via a web portal. They will have the ability to see the immediate measurable impact of changes in medications on each of the patients during the clinical trial.

Physicians will be able to monitor the impact of changes in medications on the progression of a disease as well as make clinical decisions (e.g., discharge orders) based on ability to monitor patients remotely.

Managed care companies can measure the quality of care for members with neurodegenerative diseases, identify best practices and encourage patient engagement in the management of care.

Patients (and their caregivers) will have access to real-time monitoring from ordinary everyday activity at home.