Measuring Brain Health

Our mission is to provide quantitative tools for early detection, measurement, and monitoring of brain health

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'We can likely not defeat Alzheimer’s without this technology' - Robert W. Mahley, President Emeritus/Founder, The Gladstone Institutes

'I'm more than certain data from Neurametrix TC can't hurt and will ultimately be useful to myself, my doctor, and hopefully patients in the future utilizing the program' - John Smythe 


Our Vision

Early Detection

Sub-clinical measurement tools will allow researchers to develop drugs to treat brain diseases before symptoms become visible. Researchers believe that slowing down or even reversing the progression of brain diseases is possible with early treatment.


Quantitative tools will allow physicians to differentiate among diseases, measure and predict progression over time and differentiate patients, enabling early detection and more precise diagnoses. Managed care providers will be able to measure outcomes and identify best practices.


A passive, non-invasive real-time, continuous monitoring solution which measures progression over time will enable pro-active, predictive and personalized patient management. Patients (and their caregivers) will be able to be more involved in the management of their diseases.



Neurodegenerative diseases and disorders represent the largest challenge to the global healthcare system. No objective and quantitative tools exist to measure brain health and detect and monitor CNS diseases. Without such measures, pharma will not be able to develop drugs and neurologists will not be able to see the effect of changes in disease management.


Our Solution: A digital bio-marker

NeuraMetrix measures brain health using a digital bio-marker based on inconsistency of typing cadence. A passive, non-invasive real-time, continuous monitoring solution which measures progression over time will enable pro-active, predictive and personalized patient management.



NeuraMetrix statistics


Dashboard: 57 year old healthy male


Dashboard: 52 year old male with Parkinson's


no tests or special equipment/ install and forget

NeuraMetrix TC is easy to install. Just a few mouse clicks and it runs in background on your personal computer. It is passive, non-invasive and requires no sensors or tests. It measures your typing cadence, NOT content. Your typing cadence data is automatically uploaded periodically and proprietary algorithms are applied in the cloud. Your personal Dashboard is available to you and your physician via a secure web portal.


The NeuraMetrix TC Application is designed to protect your privacy. The sequence of the characters you typed is stripped away before the data is sent to our server, making it impossible to reconstruct the original text. Further, we do not collect any data regarding websites you have visited or recipients of emails you have sent. 


NeuraMetrix TC has applications across a range of users, including researchers, physicians, patients and their caregivers ranging from a companion diagnostic to a continuous monitoring tool.




Researchers at leading academic institutions around the world are using NeuraMetrix TC in research programs involving Alzheimer's Disease, Brain Tumors, Chemo Brain, Depression, Heart Failure, Huntington's Disease, Parkinson's Disease, and REM Sleep Disorder. We are exploring research relationships for other disorders.



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