We Measure Brain Health

NeuraMetrix measures brain health using a proprietary digital bio-marker based on inconsistency of typing cadence

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Neurodegenerative diseases and disorders represent the largest challenge to the global healthcare system. Yet neurologists do not have tools to measure brain health in a continuous, granular, statistically significant way.

There is an unmet need for a passive measurement tool that can identify early indicators, differentiate among diseases, measure and predict progression over time and risk stratify patients.


Our Solution

We developed NeuraMetrix TC (Typing Cadence) to monitor brain health without any tests or special equipment. Installed on a home computer, it captures typing cadence in milliseconds, allowing the detection of subtle changes in cognitive and motor function and calculation of a digital bio-marker. NeuraMetrix TC measures the "inconsistency" in typing cadence, a potential indication of onset and progression of neurodegenerative diseases.


NeuraMetrix TC is sensitive enough to detect very early changes in cognitive and motor function and measure decline/progress over time. It is passive, independent of language, culture and education and does not require tests, sensors, gross motor skills or physician interaction.

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NeuraMetrix TC

NeuraMetrix TC is easy to install on your Windows PC or laptop. Download the app from our website (coming soon) or install via an email or USB from your physician. In a few clicks of the mouse, the application will be monitoring your brain health every time you use your computer keyboard.


Periodically, your typing cadence data (not your content) is uploaded to our secure servers and analyzed using proprietary algorithms. Your Sincor, our measure of inconsistency, is added to your personal record and can be viewed via a web portal.

NeuraMetrix TC does not analyze what you type; rather it measures the consistency of how you type. Speed or accuracy do not make any difference. Each person’s typing cadence is unique and yields quantitative data about cognitive and motor function.



Using NeuraMetrix TC, patients and their caregivers, physicians and researchers will have access to quantitative measurement tools via desktop and handheld dashboards or web portals. They will have the ability to see the effect of changes in medications as well as the impact of other factors (nutrition, exercise, sleep, etc.) on brain health.



Home monitoring by patients (and their caregivers) will allow for real-time monitoring of a condition just from ordinary everyday activity at home. Physicians will be able to monitor the impact of changes in medications on the progression of a disease as well as make clinical decisions (e.g., discharge orders) based on ability to monitor patients remotely. Drug companies can use NeuraMetrix to establish and measure end points for clinical trials. This will allow them to identify successful (and unsuccessful) trials much earlier than previously possible.

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Researchers at leading academic institutions around the world are using NeuraMetrix TC in research programs involving ADHD, Depression, Epilepsy, Huntington's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease, REM Sleep Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury and Wolfram's Syndrome. We are exploring research relationships in Alzheimer's Disease.


Research Affiliates