NeuraMetrix solution provides Clinicians with a much more precise and accurate digital biomarker
to ​​​​​​​detect and monitor Neurological diseases and Psychiatric disorders
Physician discussing treatment options with patientPhysician discussing treatment options with patient

The gap

The main issues for neurologists/psychiatrists today are:
  • Difficult to diagnose patients before the disease has permanently damaged the brain
  • Long periods between the infrequent visits without any data on the patients
  • No feedback loop on the effectiveness of changes in disease and rehabilitation management
  • Cannot see changes in the state of the patient or stage of the disease

The NeuraMetrix highly precise and easy to implement digital biomarker fills an important gap long sought after by Physicians and Clinics

With the easy to use NeuraMetrix digital biomarker, Neurologists and Psychiatrists can:
  • Continuously assess  the state of the patient and conclude if the patient is:
    • Stable  - Visit is not needed
    • Somewhat unstable – Use frequent virtual meetings as the primary interaction resulting in much better management of the disease
    • Very unstable – Meet with the patient at the clinic for further examination
  • Monitor the effect of an individualized treatment change by accessing the patient’s chart a few weeks later and determining if the changes had desired effect, no effect, or, at worse, adverse effects
  • Manage PD patients who are struggling with on/off periods
  • Get a warning when a bipolar patient transitions from one state to another
  • Have more frequent interaction with their patients through convenient methods such as virtual meetings, phone, email, etc.
This enables Neurologists and Psychiatrists to
  • Productively communicate regularly between visits with their patients
  • Take immediate corrective action, if necessary
  • Tailor the treatment to the state of the disease
Resulting in:
  • Better and frequent management of the disease at a lower cost
  • Better use of Neurologists' and Psychiatrists' time

"This will revolutionize how we treat these poor patients."

- CTO of major hospital system in Scandinavia