NeuraMetrix solution provides Clinicians with a much more precise and accurate tool for Treatment Feedback And Ongoing Monitoring  of Neurological diseases and Psychiatric disorders over time
Physician discussing treatment options with patientPhysician discussing treatment options with patient

The NeuraMetrix highly precise digital biomarker fills an important gap long sought after by Neurologist and Psychiatrist and enables them to:

  • Set up a patient on the NeuraMetrix system remotely with no need for any additional hardware
  • Continuously assess the status of a patient
  • Assess the immediate effect of an individualized treatment change resulting in better control over disease management at lower cost
  • Tailor the treatment to the state of the disease resulting in better care and use of doctors’ time
  • Use virtual meetings instead of visits as the primary interaction with their patients resulting in much better and frequent management of the disease
  • Conclude that a patient is stable and a visit is not needed
  • Integrate NeuraMetrix TC quickly and easily into current clinical practice
  • Adopt rapid screening of large patient populations

This will revolutionize how we treat these poor patients

- CTO of major hospital system in Scandinavia