NeuraMetrix’ Mission is to support Neurologists and Psychiatrists with an accurate tool to monitor and assess the efficacy of a particular treatment for various Neurological diseases and Psychiatric disorders
NeuraMetrix was founded in 2013 in San Francisco by two cybersecurity executives, Jan Samzelius and Christian Olsson, who set out to rid the world of passwords. They studied various habits and quickly found Typing Cadence (the rhythm with which we type on a keyboard) to be an extremely strong habit. They developed a product for continuous authentication of enterprise employees. Later, they realized this technology could also be applied to monitoring of brain health. They pivoted the company to become a neurotech company.

NeuraMetrix’ brain measuring tool allows for dramatically better care of patients with various neurological diseases and psychiatric disorders.

NeuraMetrix Timeline

NeuraMetrix today consists of ten experienced team members spread across the United States, Europe, and Asia. The company has raised funding from equity and convertible note investments.


NeuraMetrix is represented throughout the U.S., Colombia, Europe, and Asia Pacific with: