NeuraMetrix digital biomarker provides Patients with a better way to see the development
​​​​​​​of their Neurological disease or Psychiatric disorder over time
old man patient with nurse helping himold man patient with nurse helping him

The Gap

The main issues for patients with a neurological disease or mental issue today are:
  • Long periods between the visits with your neurologist or psychiatrist
  • No feedback loop on the effectiveness of changes in disease and rehabilitation management

The NeuraMetrix highly precise and easy to use digital biomarker fills an important gap long sought after by Patients

Your neurologist or psychiatrist can give you access to the NeuraMetrix Online Dashboard and let you:
  • Monitor yourself
This enables you to:
  • Have more frequent interaction with your neurologist or psychiatrist through convenient methods such as virtual meetings, phone, email, etc.
Resulting in:
  • Much better and frequent management of the disease

"I'm more than certain data from NeuraMetrix TC can't hurt and will ultimately be useful to myself, my doctor, and hopefully, patients in the future utilizing the program."

​​​​​​​- John Smythe, Patient