Our Solution

A novel and highly precise digital biomarker to detect and monitor
a range of Neurological diseases and Psychiatric disorders

The Challenge

Neurodegenerative diseases and psychiatric disorders represent the largest challenge to the global healthcare system, and the problem is accelerating with the aging population. The primary challenge in this space is that existing biomarkers are neither objective, detailed, nor cannot be easily reproduced. 
With a drastically better brain health measurement:
Neurologists and Psychiatrists will be able to:
  • Diagnose patients before the disease has permanently damaged the brain
  • Track patients longitudinally with a more objective measure to assess disease, progression or regression
  • Assess the effectiveness of changes in disease and rehabilitation management
 Biotech and Pharmaceutical companies will be able to: 
  • Remove any patients from the cohort where the disease has already progressed ahead of where the drugs can have an impact 
  • Get greater insight in to how their therapeutic responds 
  • Measure cognitive side effects of their therapeutics

Our Solution

NeuraMetrix TC - A Digital Biomarker for Brain Health

A digital biomarker capable of detecting and monitoring neurodegenerative diseases and psychiatric disorders, through measuring typing inconsistency. No tests, special equipment used: no burden on the patient.

Typing is our strongest habit and thus hardwired in our brains. When a disease or a disorder attacks the brain, the wiring begins to break down slowly and in very small increments.  NeuraMetrix’ software can identify microscopic changes in typing cadence – a change of 1/100th of a second can be statistically significant in identifying cognitive and motor function deterioration. 

As a result, NeuraMetrix can:
  • Detect early changes in cognitive and motor function
  • Identify the onset long before the patient would notice any signs of disease
  • Prompt a warning when a bipolar patient transitions from one state to another
Our digital biomarker measures "inconsistency" in the typing cadence as a signal of onset or progression of neurodegenerative diseases and psychiatric disorders. 

The NeuraMetrix TC clinical support software is a passive form of data collection, independent of language, alphabet, culture, education, or training. Moreover, it does not require any tests, sensors, gross motor skills, or any interaction by the physician.

Our Product

Below video gives an overview of the NeuraMetrix product:
Our product consists of three components
  • NeuraMetrix TC Application
  • NeuraMetrix Server
  • NeuraMetrix Online Dashboard

Key Strokes Analyzed:

keyboard plus algorithms equals digital biomarkerkeyboard plus algorithms equals digital biomarker

NeuraMetrix TC Application

Patient Centricity - Install and Forget
NeuraMetrix software is easy to install on any Windows PC or laptop (Android and iOS versions are in development). The app can be downloaded via an email from the patient’s physician or a member of a clinical trial team. Within a few mouse clicks, the application is running in the background and monitoring the brain health of the individual patient every time the computer keyboard is used.
NeuraMetrix TC does not involve any tests; it simply measures the natural behavior of the patient. It cannot analyze the content of what is being typed; instead, it measures the inconsistencies in how the individual types. For more information on how the data is used, see our privacy policy here. In this context, speed or accuracy do not make any difference to the inconsistency measures. What is important is that each person’s typing cadence is unique and yields quantitative data about the person’s cognitive and motor functions.

NeuraMetrix Server

Periodically, the typing cadence data is uploaded to NeuraMetrix secure servers and analyzed by a set of our proprietary algorithms. This creates NeuraMetrix's proprietary measure of inconsistency, named SINCOR, and a new data point is added to the user’s record.

NeuraMetrix Online Dashboard

Our Online Dashboard enables insights and visualizations of the NeuraMetrix measurement. These visualizations are available to the Healthcare Provider, Research Institution, and Patient (if Healthcare Provider permits).
A line graph over time is shown on the NeuraMetrix Online Dashboard with data points added whenever the server gets a new file. The y-axis shows the NeuraMetrix inconsistency score and the x-axis indicates the time. Inconsistency level is an indication of the disease state – low variability indicates less or no disease. An upward trend means the disease is getting worse. 
High fluctuations mean the disease is poorly regulated.
NeuraMetrix Charts - inconsistencies and fluctuations
As a healthy subject, this chart shows a very low inconsistency and minimal fluctuationsAs a healthy subject, this chart shows a very low inconsistency and minimal fluctuations
Healthy persons, like this subject, have a very low inconsistency and minimal fluctuations
NeuraMetrix data can distinguish between the “on-off’ periodsNeuraMetrix data can distinguish between the “on-off’ periods
Parkinson's patients, like this subject, often suffer from “on-off’ periods. Lower inconsistency (similar to healthy subjects) indicates “on” and higher indicates “off” period. Empty area in between ‘on’ and ‘off’ proves NeuraMetrix data can distinguish between the periods.

​​​​​​​Wide Range of Use Cases

NeuraMetrix TC has a wide range of use cases which are described on the following pages: