Our Solution

Novel highly precise software tool for treatment feedback and ongoing monitoring of Neurological diseases and Psychiatric disorders

The Challenge

Neurodegenerative diseases and psychiatric disorders represent the largest challenge to the global healthcare system, and the problem is rapidly getting worse with the aging population. Europe and North-America alone have more than 100 million patients. No objective and quantitative biomarkers exist to measure brain health and monitor neurological diseases and psychiatric disorders. Without such measures, neurologists/psychiatrists will not be able to see the effect of changes in disease management.

How NeuraMetrix TC Works

NeuraMetrix TC - A Digital Brain Health Biomarker

NeuraMetrix TC (Typing Cadence) monitors brain health without any tests or special equipment. Installed on a personal computer, it captures typing cadence (the rhythm with which we type on a keyboard) in milliseconds, allowing the detection of subtle changes in cognitive and motor function and calculation of a digital bio-marker. NeuraMetrix TC measures the "inconsistency" in typing cadence, a potential indication of onset and progression of neurodegenerative diseases, by measuring and analyzing more than 2,000 variables.

Typing cadence is likely the strongest habits we have, effectively hardwired in our brains.  When a disease or disorder attacks the brain, the hardwiring begins to break down slowly and in very small increments. Our technology can pick up very small changes in typing cadence – a change of 1/100 of a second can be statistically significant. Thus, NeuraMetrix can detect:
  • very early changes in cognitive and motor function and measure decline/progress over time long before the person would notice any deterioration
  • when a patient starts going in and out of depressive moods
NeuraMetrix TC is sensitive enough to detect very early changes in cognitive and motor function and measure decline/progress over time. It is passive, non-invasive, independent of language, culture, and education, and does not require tests, sensors, gross motor skills, or physician interaction.

Patient Centricity - Install and Forget

NeuraMetrix TC is easy to install on your Windows PC or laptop. Download the app via an email from a physician or clinical trial team. In a few mouse clicks, the application will be running in the background and monitoring your brain health every time you use your computer keyboard.

It measures your typing cadence, NOT content. Your typing cadence data is automatically uploaded periodically and proprietary algorithms are applied in the cloud.

Key Strokes Analyzed:

keyboard plus algorithms equals digital biomarkerkeyboard plus algorithms equals digital biomarker

Online Dashboard

The NeuraMetrix portal displays the subject’s inconsistency of typing cadence over time. The chart is available to the Healthcare Provider, Institution and NeuraMetrix, and Patient (if Healthcare Provider permits).
The y-axis shows the NeuraMetrix inconsistency score and the x-axis shows the time. Inconsistency level is a calculation of the disease state – low level indicates less or no disease. An upward trend means the disease is progressing. Higher fluctuations mean the disease is poorly regulated.
Online Dashboard assessments in terms of inconsistencies and fluctuation
As a healthy subject, this chart shows a very low inconsistency and minimal fluctuationsAs a healthy subject, this chart shows a very low inconsistency and minimal fluctuations
As a healthy subject, this chart shows a very low inconsistency and minimal fluctuations
NeuraMetrix data can distinguish between the “on-off’ periodsNeuraMetrix data can distinguish between the “on-off’ periods
PD patients, like this subject, often suffer from “on-off’ periods. Lower inconsistency (similar to healthy subjects) indicates “on” and higher indicates “off” period. Empty area in between ‘on’ and ‘off’ proves NeuraMetrix data can distinguish between the periods.

Regulatory Conformity

The NeuraMetrix TC brain health monitoring tool conforms to the CE Directive 93/42/EEC on medical devices

Wide Range of Applications

Using NeuraMetrix TC, patients, and their caregivers, physicians and researchers will have access to quantitative measurement tools via desktop and handheld dashboards or web portals. They will have the ability to see the effect of changes in medications as well as the impact of other factors (nutrition, exercise, sleep, etc.) on brain health.