Neurodegenerative diseases and disorders represent the largest challenge to the global healthcare system. There are no objective, quantitative tools to measure brain health. Existing tests are subjective and expensive and represent "assessments" rather than objective measurements.


Why it matters

Early Detection

Early detection and measurement tools will allow researchers to test existing compounds and develop new compounds before symptoms become visible. We believe that the slowing down or even reversing the progression of brain diseases is possible with early treatment.


Quantitative, objective tools will allow physicians to identify early indicators, differentiate among diseases, measure and predict progression over time and differentiate patients. This will enable early detection and more precise diagnoses.


A passive, non-invasive real-time, continuous monitoring solution which measures progression over time will enable pro-active, predictive and personalized patient management.


Our Solution: A digital biomarker

NeuraMetrix measures brain health using a digital bio-marker based on inconsistency of typing cadence


no tests or special equipment

Passive, non-invasive

No sensors

Typing cadence, NOT content

Proprietary algorithms

Measures inconsistency

install and forget


Easy to Install

Runs in background

Automatic uploads