We are currently making NeuraMetrix TC available to all Windows computer users at no cost to collect more data to further develop our quest to detect, measure and monitor neurodegenerative diseases, disorders and injuries. We will be releasing a MacOS client shortly and plan to develop applications for mobile platforms in the future.

You can help us by registering and downloading our application.  We use your typing cadence data in our research efforts to correlate specific typing cadence patterns with different brain diseases and disorders. You will have access to a personal Dashboard showing the consistency of your typing cadence, its trends, and how it compares to our control groups.

We expect to begin charging new users $299 annually (or $30 per month) beginning in 2018. Users who register and install NeuraMetrix TC before the end of the year will be given a significant discount when we begin charging. We are exploring health insurance reimbursement and hope to work with insurance providers so our users have no co-pays or out-of-pocket expenses.

By signing up, you acknowledge and accept the Privacy Policy and consent to and allow NeuraMetrix TC to be installed on your PC, automatically collect your typing cadence data, and periodically process and transfer the typing cadence data (not any content) from your PC to servers in the United States for further analysis by NeuraMetrix.

If no longer agree with our Privacy Policy, please uninstall and discontinue your use of NeuraMetrix TC; your continued usage of NeuraMetrix TC signifies your acknowledgement and acceptance of our Privacy Policy.